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BibBoards Gets Rid of Pins for Runners, Cyclists, Ironman, & Other Athletes


Runners, cyclists, ironman, and other athletes fasten your seat belts for the new fastener in town: BibBoards. The innovative company BibBoards has come up with a brilliant and practical solution to getting rid of the dreaded safety pins used to hold the bibs in place during races.


After having discovered them through an ad on Instagram, I immediately decided to order the BibBoards with the message Keep Calm and Run on.

BibBoards are an innovative and practical solution to safety pins. So light and easy to use.


The small, round four plastic bib holders are quite practical and easy to use. The smooth and flat top part of the fastener needs to be removed and attached to the bottom round part by holding the fabric in between. The light, small plastic bib holders are so comfortable that once they are on, you forget they are there.  Not only will BibBoards eliminate all the unwanted holes on your racing T-shirts and shorts, but they can also work as marketing and advertising.


As the founder, broker, and CEO of my real estate company Dynamic Real Estate, I love the fact that I can promote my business to my runner friends and the running community. The second time I ordered BibBoards, I customized them with my company’s name, Dynamic Real Estate. Furthermore, at the clever suggestion of one of the co-founders, my next order will also be customized with the name of my blog and a runner’s image.


The ability to customize the BibBoards is quite beneficial to business owners, as they will get a lot of exposure for a reasonable amount of money spent. What if the business owner is not a runner, or not connected to the running community? Even better, because using BibBoards gets them an instant like from the running community and helps them establish new business connections.


Wearing my BibBoards at the start of the MandaRun half marathon. We ran from Auburn, CA through Penryn, Newcastle, all the way to Loomis. It was a great course and experience. I’m sure racing with my new BibBoards helped me focus on keeping calm and steady throughout the race.


On Sunday, Nov. 19th, I used the first set of BibBoards for the first time during my MandaRun half marathon, where I ran my fastest half marathon in 1:41:21 at a 7:45 pace. I loved having my BibBoards on the racing team shirt, even though I lost the top part of one of them I loved having my BibBoards on the racing team shirt, even though I lost the top part of one of them and had to use a safety pin.  During the race, especially the hilly part, I used the message on the BibBoards to stay consistent and run another PR. I enjoyed applying the message of “keep calm and run on,” because it gave me confidence and helped me finish strong.



I finished third in my age group, so I’m displaying my BibBoards and my two medals. It was a great day!


After my first experience with the BibBoards, here are my 10 top reasons to make the switch from safety pins to this new and innovative alternative:


  1. Convenience.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. No hassle.
  4. No safety pins to pick up and collect at various races.
  5. No holes, or damage of your favorite clothes, saving you money in the long term.
  6. BibBoards can become an instant ice breaker in conversations with new runner friends.
  7. BibBoards can be your new company’s PR assistants when friends and people you meet ask you about the message on the top of the bib holder. In my case, I get to market my running blog and my real estate company.
  8. BibBoards are an innovative and useful way to hold your racing bibs, whether running, cycling, or doing an Ironman for adults and children.
  9. BibBoards can be inspiring, depending on what message you choose to have on them.
  10. And last, but not least, BibBoards are the best new way to keep your bib in place during the race!


While running gives us so much satisfaction on its own, it is sure nice to keep those racing bibs secure and make racing more fun, so go ahead and pick your BibBoards. Be an innovator! Be inspiring! No more holes in your training, or your favorite racing apparel. Let’s become whole with no hole – just the pure joy of being outside running, cycling, doing a triathlon, or an doing an Ironman.


For more info on ordering your own BibBoards, please go to their website at