Running Résumé

Running reshapes our inner and outer worlds; it uplifts us and gives us wings to soar, so don’t forget to spread your wings, too! You might be surprised!”
~Carmen Micsa


MA and BA degrees in English from Sacramento State University

• Owner of Running for Real Estate blog.

  • Owner, Broker, CEO, ad Founder of Dynamic Real Estate, Inc., my own company.

Published author. I published essays, articles, and my memoir piece Grandpa’s Garden in the anthology From Sac Home Myths & Other Untruths together with a few graduate school classmates.

• I also published my first book Change Your Grip on Life Through Tennis in December 2016 through Wistful Press.

Races Completed:


5K Races: Zoo Zoom Run, Placed second

Half marathons: Run the Sly trail race and Urban Cow

Marathons: California International Marathon


5K Races: 10

10K Races: 1

Half marathons: Shamrock and Urban Cow

20 Mile Parkway Race: 1

Marathons: Pony Express Marathon and CIM, which was a PR and finished in 3:47:47.

Ultra Marathons: Folsom Gold Rush 50K

Placed Races:

• Placed second and third place in the ZooZoom Run 5k, 2015-2016 races.
• Placed second in the 2016 Super Sunday Run – 5K race.
• Placed first in the 2016 American River Parkway 5K race and fourth woman overall.
• Placed second in the inaugural 2016 Pony Express Marathon.

  • Placed first in the Fabulous 40s race, second in A run to Remember, and had the best PR race at the Run to Feed the Hungry with a 21:56 finish.
  • Also placed first in my age group at the Gold Rush 5K trail race, second female overall, and fourth overall.


Tips and thoughts about running and real estate.