“Runners are God’s angels with wings at their feet. Dare to fly.” ~ Carmen Micsa

My story about getting into running in 2015 at the age of 41:

I cannot imagine living without sports and exercise. I have been an avid tennis player since I was 22. Last year, I finished number 2 in Northern California in my category and got moved up to 4.5, a much more competitive and tougher tennis level. Therefore, I felt that I needed to get stronger, faster, and have more endurance and stamina on the court. I did not know exactly what I needed to do, but the answer came from another mom friend who had just started to run herself. She showed me her amazing Strava app on her phone and how it tracks her runs, speed, calories, and pace. She never encouraged me to run, but that Sunday afternoon a light bulb went off in my brain. I decided to start running. Needless to say, running took over my impressionable soul like an avalanche, which is why I hope to keep running with JOY till 100, and wish you to do the same.

Advice to New Runners from my own personal experience:

1. Just do it!
2. Do not over think things and prepare so much that you never start running!
3. Do wear the right shoes from the beginning and go to a specialized running store.
4. You want to enjoy your running and not start with foot, knees, or ankle problems.
5. Start easy by running half a mile around your neighborhood. If you need to stop, take your time.
6. Run 1 mile without stopping, even if you feel tired and want to give up.
7. After you become better about regulating your breath and your muscles are stronger, start running 2 miles.
8. After that, sign up for your first 5K, 10K, and half marathon.
9. Patience and perseverance will take you all the way to running a marathon.
10. Run, strength train by doing your squats, lunges, and bridges, and run some more.

Blog name: Running for Real Estate

I have many passions in life, but to be able to combine my passion for real estate and helping my buyers and sellers with running is a perfect combination leading to a happy mom, wife, daughter, athlete, friend, and, of course, real estate broker.

Running for real estate will be my way to make a difference in my community, by sharing relevant information, encouraging and inspiring others, as well as giving back.

Favorite Running Accessories:

My Garmin watch.
My Strava running app on my phone.
Listening to my podcasts with my Redfox wireless headset.

To contact me about running or real estate, e-mail me at:

Tips and thoughts about running and real estate.